Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Best of Italian foods

Are you hungry? if so, then you gotta try an authentic Italian cuisine. Italian food is one of the most consumed food in the world, Italian cuisine is considered as a world caliber food it is widely popular and it has been cooked and consumed for generations. Eating Italian food is best when eating it on a Italian restaurant at Italy itself, and these may cost you to travel to Italy and might cost you a lot of money and time. Eating Italian food is best in seattle great italian food they have the best Italian cuisine served by the best cooks that are experienced and trained to cook authentic Italian cuisines. Italians served their food with a sense of minimalism they only served their foods as little it can be, but do not be mistakened even if their food is based on their minimalist approach surely their foods will satisfy you and will satisfy your cravings.

Italians are health conscious people when they serve their food they make sure that the food they serve on the table is healthy. and by doing this they make sure that the food is cooked healthy and the ingredients are fresh and is good for the health. Italians are fond of putting tomatoes, garlic and dark leafy vegetables into their dishes these food ingredients is not only healthy but also they enhance the taste and the quality of the food. For an example Italians serve their food with Tomatoes on it well, tomatoes contain lycopene which is healthy because lycopene helps to fight off cancer and we all know that Italians put a lot of herbs and spices in their meals.

When it comes to Desserts Italians never is out of the list the Italian Calabrian Walnut cake (Torta di Noci) is one of the best foods that Italians serves when it comes to desserts the cakes are made from simple ingredients they are made from walnuts, eggs and sugar. And when it comes to cooking main dish? well, Italians are right on the list Tuscan Roast Pork (Arista Di Maiale) is one of the Main dishes that Italians servs best. Italian cuisine has influenced many cultures all around the globe. We can never neglect that we have always loved to eat Italian cuisines especially pizza. and when it comes to Italian food seattle great italian food serves the best of Italian food.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Amazing Italian Food Culture And Beliefs

Italians are not only concerned with food presentation or the menu, they have something much deeper that goes right to tradition and culture. Like pasta for example, they have their different own kinds of pasta shapes and sizes, and most you can enjoy at Ciao Amore seattle italian restaurant.

Italians have that original pasta sauce that is considered as their traditional type and originated from the Roma region of Italy. Named as the Pasta all’amatriciana, this delicious pasta sauce is made from the tasty blend of tomatoes and bacon in which it is commonly served with bucatini pasta, this type of pasta is kind of huge and is hollow in the middle, both are commonly served together resulting in a perfect traditional Italian pasta. There are lots of italian pasta for taste buds to enjoy such as the aglio e olio or the pasta with oil and garlic and the common dry pasta that is usually taken out in fast food orders. Cappuccino is another italian delicacy well loved by the world. As we all know, coffee is love and how much more if it is combined with creamy milk and milk foam? However it is a huge disgrace to to drink cappuccino in the evening because it is a drink only intended for breakfast. Drinking wine is another italian tradition that everyones loves too. When you have traveled in Italy, you will surely notice the bars that are available in every street. But do you know that drinking is a natural thing to do when you meet someone or a friend? Whenever you meet, you should go find a place to drink something together with good company. Meals on italian cuisine makes your mouth water that its tempting enough to immediately chomp down all the italian food in the table, but take a bit consideration on your table manners, the salad should be eaten as a side plate for the 2nd dish.

Wondering what basic meal the Italians consider as most important? Lunch. They respect lunch so much that the kitchens will be closing after 2:30 in the afternoon and this time you’d be forced to eat a sandwich. Another thing you might notice with italians traveling is that they’d always look for italian food, because they trust their own. One thing they hate is when their food is mixed with other cuisines, they will deeply consider it as an insult. Interested on Italian cuisine but you’re not in italy? then try the best seattle italian restaurant.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Italy: Glorious Italian Food

Italian Food and Wine: A Gustatory Adventure

Eating is another great recreational and traditional activity, and when the Italians eat - they really eat, so don’t plan to lose weight in Italy! Italian cuisine differs from region to region with many influences often being related to the historical inhabitants of the region. The food of the South is known for being heartier and less expensive. Campania is the traditional birthplace of the pizza, but tubular pasta and tomato sauces also originated here. Even if you are not fond of pizza, trying Italian pizza is a must! You may ruin the pleasure of take away pizzas for life but it is truly worth it as the blend of a superbly baked base topped with delicious cheese and wonderfully fresh toppings is a gustatory experience not to be missed!
Pizza: The secret of great pizza, and what Italians take pride in, is its simplicity and the use of fresh ingredients. Pizza originated as a "street food," and it remains one of the few Italian foods people often eat "on the go" rather than as a sit-down meal. There are pizza shops - called pizzerie al taglio - throughout Italy that display a wide variety of rectangular pizzas sold by the slice (in Naples, take-away pizzas are sold by the inch; in Rome, they're sold by weight) to people on the move.
One of the pizza’s most celebrated varieties, pizza Margherita, is named after Italy s queen Margherita who visited Naples in 1889. She was charmed by a particular tricolore pizza made especially for her with basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella - ingredients whose green, red, and white colours represented those of the Italian flag.
Whatever ingredients adorn it, pizza is not pizza unless the crust is memorable. The thickness of the crust differs from region to region in Italy. What Americans call Chicago-style pizza, made in a deep dish and with a thick dough crust, is essentially Sicilian pizza. Authentic Neapolitan pizza has a paper thin crust that is crisp and well done on the bottom and soft and slightly undercooked on top. Getting the crust the right consistency is an art form and is very difficult to achieve in a home oven where maximum temperatures are not high enough to bake the dough quickly and evenly. Wood-fired ovens, which have always been used in Italy and can reach incredible heats, are essential if you want the real thing. Roman pizza, on the other hand, is very thin, crunchy and with far less pizza topping than either its Neapolitan or Sicilian counterparts.
Calabria’s cuisine, with its figs, honey, strong spices and eggplant, definitely hints of Greek influence, whilst Sicily produces luscious deserts such as cannoli - pastries stuffed with sweet cheese and chocolate - and cassata , a rich candied ice-cream. Whilst breakfast in the South often consists of just a coffee and cornetto (a triangular shaped croissant-like pastry), lunch is a much more elaborate affair. Italian dinners are also a substantial meal, and usually start quite late in the evening. A full dinner will start with an antipasto (appetizer), such as bruschetta (pron. broo-SKET-tah; a type of garlic and herb bread), or prosciutto (cured ham) and sliced melon. The antipasto is followed by theprimo (the first course), usually soup or pasta, and then the secondo, consisting of meat or fish and accompanied by contorno (a small vegetable side dish). Finally comes dessert or fruit (and more often than not both!), then coffee; however, note that full dinners are very rare (said nosh-ups take place only during special occasions such as weddings, etc.) and that most Italians will usually eat just a primo and a secondo everyday. 
Helpful hints: although, the appearance of many coffee shops, such as Café Nero and Starbucks, worldwide have helped to educate us in the nuances of coffee drinking, ordering coffee in Italy can still be slightly confusing. Ordering a caffè (coffee) will get you a small and strong espresso, so for a coffee with a little milk ask for a caffè macchiatoCappuccino, which most Italians only drink before noon, has frothy scalded milk (whipped cream doesn’t feature), and a caffelatte is heavier on the milk and lighter on the coffee (something an Italian would drink only at breakfast!). For the brave there is the caffè corretto: an espresso with a drop of strong liqueur in it.
Besides more formal restaurants you can also grab a bite to eat and a coffee in most bars. Bars are usually very inexpensive, except on major tourist thoroughfares. Hot or cold panini and tramezzini(Italian-style sandwiches), drinks, and gelato can be ordered, as well as rolls or pizza bread stuffed with prosciutto cotto or prosciutto crudo (cured or cooked ham) or formaggio (cheese), and frittate(omelettes). The cheeses in Italy are delicious, as is the Italian’s assortment of fresh breads, very satisfying to eat in just their simple combination.
Notetouristy bars will charge more if you choose to sit down; this, however, doesn't happen in truly local cafés and is unheard of in those located outside the city centres.
With Italy being amongst the best of the wine producers of world, great Italian food should be accompanied by a good bottle of Italian wine. For a good bottle of red wine (vino rosso) try  the Chianti - produced in the region of Tuscany - or Salerno, from Naples. White wine (vino bianco) connoisseurs sampling from the Centre and the South should try the ones coming from the region of Lazio or the Lachryma Christi (Christ’s tear) from Naples, respectively. The hotter climate of Southern Italy and the islands also produces stronger, fruitier wines than the North and this is evident inMarsala from Sicily, which resembles a light sherry. For a little sparkling, the famous spumante which is produced in Asti (Piedmont, in the North), deserves to be poured into a glass or two. You can usually order by the glass, carafe, half-carafe or bottle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Enjoy Wine With A Fantastic Italian Meal

Many of the most stunning and beautiful landscapes in the world are, naturally, in wine regions.
It’s no surprise. After all, the elements of a great growing environment—temperate weather, rich soil, minimal intervention of people and pollutants—also make for an idyllic travel destination.
History—another focus of savvy travelers—also goes hand-in-hand with the globe’s storied viticultural areas. I had the fortune of visiting two stunning UNESCO World Heritage sites this year: the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces outside of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Portugal’s Douro Valley.
In addition to their breathtaking location on the northern shores of Lake Geneva, the Lavaux mountain-slope vineyards date back to the 11th century. In the incomparably dramatic Douro, wine has been produced for close to 2,000 years.
The Wine Enthusiast staff is comprised of inveterate travelers, so our annual 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations feature is always a hot debate. This year’s list is rich with both the iconic (Piedmont, also a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the undiscovered (Istria, anyone?). It’s the essential wine lover’s travel guide for 2015, with insider tips, best bottles and more.
Another famed destination—Santa Barbara, California—is the focus of Contributing Editor Matt Kettmann’s urban winery report. Industrial parks and warehouses in the Santa Maria Projects, Lompoc Wine Ghetto and beyond are pumping out some of California’s most promising pours. We tell you which urban producers to try now.
Steak and wine is no new dalliance, but how you couple specific cuts with your favorite wine is the focus of our pairings piece. From porterhouse to filet mignon, we tell you how to cook it, pair it and offer tips on side sauces and cocktails to produce mouthwatering results.

Friday, December 26, 2014

What Makes Best of the Best Seattle Italian Restaurant

Are you looking for a Italian restaurant? Then seattle italian restaurant is the restaurant that you are looking for, They serve you the best Italian food, their cooks are equipped with the knowledge of making a Italian food and serving them on your table. What does this restaurant makes it the best Italian restaurant? there are things that a Italian restaurant should posses before making it as a best Italian restaurant. These are some of things that you have to know in order for you to identify the best Italian restaurant.

The signature mark of every Italian cuisine is the quantity of the food that is being served on the table. A best Italian restaurant never disappoints its customers they always make their customers satisfied with the quality of food and service that they give. This is a thing that you have to remember and it is a mark of a best Italian restaurant that every customer that leaves their plays should be happy and well accommodated. Another signature mark of a great Italian restaurant is that they offer you the best service., one thing that you have to consider in a great Italian restaurant is that an Italian restaurant is very willing to serve its customer to the fullest, when you are a first timer in entering their place you can expect that their waiters will give you their best hospitality and quality service and will surely make you satisfied.

A great Italian restaurant has the best environment for dining in, they make sure that you enjoy your food and offers great ambiance you will truly be satisfied the cozy atmosphere and the relaxing aura of the restaurant is a trademark of a great Italian restaurant. Of course a great Italian restaurant cannot be called the great Italian restaurant without the quality of the food that they serve, A great Italian restaurant serves the best quality Italian food. They ensure that the food they serve in the table is the best every Ingredient used in cooking the food is fresh and authentic the restaurant cooks the food well and serves it in the table properly. A great Italian restaurant offers you the different kinds of foods of course an Italian restaurant does not only offers you one Italian cuisine but can serve different kinds of authentic Italian food, seattle italian restaurant is a best Italian restaurant that you can dine in.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spectacular Italian Foods Found in Seattle

Of all the best and the most delicious type of great foods all over the world, Italian foods is considered to be one of the world class type of food. When we here italian foods, we actually think that the food is spicy and super delicious and the tastes are out of this world. Which is actually true. Italian food is truly to be one of the greats when it comes to the quality of taste. There is just no end to what kind of taste you will get when you try italian food. There is just one problem, italian foods are not easy to make and mostly not italian if you are not an expert in making italian foods. Some would say, you could not make an italian food if you are not italian. Well if this is true , then do not be sad because there is still more options to try and have a taste of the best italianfood in seattle. You do not need to go to italy to try italian food. That would be lame if you would go there just because you are hungry. In seattle, lies a restaurant which offers Italian foods and does not add any kinds of spices or ingredients that is not italian and that would ruin the italian food. 

What is good about Ciao amore restaurant is you do not have to go to other far away places and you would not have to be desperate to cook yourself an italian food to state quality italian foods. What is most beautiful about italian foods are the simplicity of their food. They make it very simple but at the same time very elegant. If you are a food lover, then i know you have a list of italian foods. Almost all of italian foods are considered to be delicious. Every dish and cuisine of an italian food has a very unique kind of taste. Ciao Amore restaurant is a kind of restaurant that would not alter the taste of a good italian dish or cuisine.

Ciao amore restaurant offers different kinds of italian foods than any italian restaurant on any places. Their chefs are trained to cook special italian dishes. So i suggest that you would go t to the best italian food in seattle to have a try to their quality Italian dish, and i would assure you that you would not regret your decision