Friday, December 26, 2014

What Makes Best of the Best Seattle Italian Restaurant

Are you looking for a Italian restaurant? Then seattle italian restaurant is the restaurant that you are looking for, They serve you the best Italian food, their cooks are equipped with the knowledge of making a Italian food and serving them on your table. What does this restaurant makes it the best Italian restaurant? there are things that a Italian restaurant should posses before making it as a best Italian restaurant. These are some of things that you have to know in order for you to identify the best Italian restaurant.

The signature mark of every Italian cuisine is the quantity of the food that is being served on the table. A best Italian restaurant never disappoints its customers they always make their customers satisfied with the quality of food and service that they give. This is a thing that you have to remember and it is a mark of a best Italian restaurant that every customer that leaves their plays should be happy and well accommodated. Another signature mark of a great Italian restaurant is that they offer you the best service., one thing that you have to consider in a great Italian restaurant is that an Italian restaurant is very willing to serve its customer to the fullest, when you are a first timer in entering their place you can expect that their waiters will give you their best hospitality and quality service and will surely make you satisfied.

A great Italian restaurant has the best environment for dining in, they make sure that you enjoy your food and offers great ambiance you will truly be satisfied the cozy atmosphere and the relaxing aura of the restaurant is a trademark of a great Italian restaurant. Of course a great Italian restaurant cannot be called the great Italian restaurant without the quality of the food that they serve, A great Italian restaurant serves the best quality Italian food. They ensure that the food they serve in the table is the best every Ingredient used in cooking the food is fresh and authentic the restaurant cooks the food well and serves it in the table properly. A great Italian restaurant offers you the different kinds of foods of course an Italian restaurant does not only offers you one Italian cuisine but can serve different kinds of authentic Italian food, seattle italian restaurant is a best Italian restaurant that you can dine in.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spectacular Italian Foods Found in Seattle

Of all the best and the most delicious type of great foods all over the world, Italian foods is considered to be one of the world class type of food. When we here italian foods, we actually think that the food is spicy and super delicious and the tastes are out of this world. Which is actually true. Italian food is truly to be one of the greats when it comes to the quality of taste. There is just no end to what kind of taste you will get when you try italian food. There is just one problem, italian foods are not easy to make and mostly not italian if you are not an expert in making italian foods. Some would say, you could not make an italian food if you are not italian. Well if this is true , then do not be sad because there is still more options to try and have a taste of the best italianfood in seattle. You do not need to go to italy to try italian food. That would be lame if you would go there just because you are hungry. In seattle, lies a restaurant which offers Italian foods and does not add any kinds of spices or ingredients that is not italian and that would ruin the italian food. 

What is good about Ciao amore restaurant is you do not have to go to other far away places and you would not have to be desperate to cook yourself an italian food to state quality italian foods. What is most beautiful about italian foods are the simplicity of their food. They make it very simple but at the same time very elegant. If you are a food lover, then i know you have a list of italian foods. Almost all of italian foods are considered to be delicious. Every dish and cuisine of an italian food has a very unique kind of taste. Ciao Amore restaurant is a kind of restaurant that would not alter the taste of a good italian dish or cuisine.

Ciao amore restaurant offers different kinds of italian foods than any italian restaurant on any places. Their chefs are trained to cook special italian dishes. So i suggest that you would go t to the best italian food in seattle to have a try to their quality Italian dish, and i would assure you that you would not regret your decision

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Makes Italian Food Great

Italian cuisine now, is a popular food it is now consumed by different people, different countries of different culture for a person who is into food adventuring. Italian food is a must try, for Italian food is delicious and unique. Eating Italian food can be easy now for many people know how to cook italian food but experiencing original Italian food and experiencing original Italian food can cost you a trip to Italy. you do not need to go to Italy to experience amazing Italian food, there are a few of restaurants that serves the best of Italian cuisine such as seattle great italian food. Italian food has the unique distinctive way of serving their food because their food is Simple yet elegant, Delicious yet nutritious that is the signature of an Italian food

Italian food is healthy because their foods are usually fat free and their foods are vegies which is healthy for the human body. Italian food is known for its qualities; the foods presentation, preparation and ingredients is unique and distinct you can easily identify an Italian food from a non-Italian food from their meat foods up to their pastas and veggies, Italian food can be easily identified. Italians serve their food in a very creative way, like their famous artworks; paintings, architecture, and sculptures. they also serve their food with a sense of Italian art, Italian food is served with creativity. The Italian food’s sense of Minimalist is also one of the trade marks of a Italian food their foods are usually served in the minimum way like the Italian pasta which is made from the right combinations of pasta, egg, water, eggs, herbs and spices.

So, what does Italian food can offer? you can try their calamari al limone the calamari is perfectly tendered with the right mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and white wine then topped with a special ingredient and chilli flakes to spice up the food, so if your favorite food is calamari, the calamari al limone is best for you. who doesn't love pizza?  Enjoy their authentic Italian pizza like Pizza Margherita which is half cup of tomato sauce spread on the dough sprinkled with the shredded mozzarella and drizzled with a few of olive oil. These are only one of the Italian foods served on seattle great italian food.  You better go out now and eat Italian dishes at their very best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dining Italian Food in Seattle the Right Italian Way

Italian foods is one of the most favored foods all over the world their food is unique and delicious and truly you will love them. Italian food in seattle is the best. why? because they cook Italian food very well and serve it in Italian way, they know what is Italian food and they can give you the best of Italian foods. Experiencing Italian food is a great experience but can you eat Italian food in an Italian way? so, if you are curious on how to eat Italian food the Italian way. then continue reading this article. When dining in a feast it can only start when the host also starts eating, usually the common utensils used by Italians are knives and forks. When eating the Italian’s do not switch the forks or knives from hand to hand or swap it they usually eat with the fork on the left and with the knife on the right. You need not to worry about being late because because mostly of the dinner hosts are still cooking the food in the agreed time of the feast. 

When Italian’s eat spaghetti they use forks they do not use knifes nor spoon they only use forks you can twist the spaghetti until you just have the right amount of food in your fork then and only you may put it in the mouth. Italians do not slurp the long strand of spaghetti food in twisting the spaghetti the Italians make sure that there is no loose strands in the spaghetti. When Eating pizza Italians use their traditional way of forks and knives the Italians do this because usually their pizzas are uncut they can cut the pizza any way they like. That is why you will definitely need a knife on eating the Pizza. When drinking coffee the Italians usually drinks at morning, and they drink their Italian espresso. But in Italy, coffee is not only drunk at the morning, they can also be drunk throughout the whole day, Coffee is one of the best beverages that Italians love.

Eating Italian food in the road or the streets is a no-no for the Italians all of their foods are eaten on the dining table and consumed properly, it is a absolute advantage to know their culture on eating their foods and their history also. So, dine in your italian food in seattle.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Ultimate Italian Experience Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle


Are you looking for an italian food? then you might have found what you have been looking for you can dine in ciao amore italian restaurant in seattle. Italian Food these days are not only limited to pastas and pizzas. You can actually find Italian food anywhere on the planet. but it does not matter what italian food is, its always about the distinct ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, the herbs and spices. This makes Italian Cuisine much easier to prepare and cook but who offers the best italian experience?

But first lets define on what are the qualities of restaurant who offers the best italian experience. In an italian restaurant the most important factor could be Food Quantity, Italian food will never leave you hungry that is the signature mark of a italian food. An important factor of an italian restaurant is the ambience, an Italian restaurant is not only limited to foods but also the atmosphere of the restaurant is a factor Italian cuisine is known for allowing you to be relaxed while eating that gives a comforting and enjoying atmosphere.

Another important factor is of course “Service” a good Italian restaurant always offer good service among its customer a Italian restaurant always make you feel the “Feel yourself at home” feeling this is because of the excellent service offered in a Italian Restaurant. Last but not the least Quality This is the Most important factor in determining a high quality italian restaurant the Food quality is always the focus of a Italian Restaurant, the goal is that every ingredient used for cooking the food is fresh. And the food is cooked well. Ensuring the Quality of the food, these are only one of the things that you have to pay attention on which restaurant offers the ultimate Italian experience.

This restaurant got it all from ambience, quality service, and food quality. The restaurant never fails to serve delicious Italian food, the chefs or cooks are very skilled and has the appropriate knowledge on preparing a delicious Italian food. An Italian food also never fails to offer Italian Beverages, this Italian restaurant also has a restaurant piano which gives you a relaxing feeling once entering the restaurant. The very moment that you get inside this restaurant you will be greeted by a relaxing atmosphere that truly you will never forget.
ciao amore italian restaurant in seattle is the ultimate Italian experience.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Experience the Best Italian Food in Seattle

Italian cuisines are known for their pastas and pizzas which makes them popular. Believe it or not best italian food in seattle makes a lot more different than the rest of the world. Instead of the usual pizzas and pastas that italian food usually is they added new ingredients to the dishes. Such as lamb, risotto or flatbread. However, the main ingredients aren't the only things that makes italian food in Seattle the best but also their simple ingredients, their seasonings that they used in every special italian dish. Usually its the main ingredients that brings out a big factor in many cuisines but not in italian dishes, what makes them unique and different from all the rest is the use of simple ingredients such as garlic, tomato and pesto as an important factor to create such exquisite cuisines.

Garlic is one of the seasonings that are added in italian dishes in Seattle. They are used to add flavor and texture to the dish. Besides making it flavorful it also is an a great hair treatment for those with balding problems. Having garlic in every italian dish makes your hair grow faster. It is also used in ancient times to treat bald hair until now. Having garlic in dishes makes it a very healthy dish and very delicious In fact almost in every italian family dish they would include garlic as the usual seasoning to enhance flavor. Not only garlic but also Tomato is one of that special ingredients italian cuisines would have.

Tomato is not only an antioxidant but also is rich in lycopene which gives the color red to our blood. Tomato is not only healthy but also too is tasty. When tomato is added in italian dishes it makes them appetizing because of the color of the tomato. Also herbs and spices like pesto are added to Italian dishes which is added to the sauce and pastas. Pesto is also used for treating stomach cramps and stomach aches. Considering these herbs and seasonings that italian dishes have. Not only they are delicious but they too are healthy,

Italian food in seattle makes dishes out of those two healthy seasonings. making Seattle as a best recipient for having one of the best italian food. You wont have to worry if you have a strict diet because eating these kind of dishes will make you fit and healthy. So I encourage you all to try the Best Italian food in Seattle. Main ingredients aren't the only things that makes dishes flavorful and exquisite. Simple seasonings like the garlic and tomato gives out the true italian dish that makes people craving for more.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Your One-Stop Seattle Great Italian Food


The Italian cuisine nowadays goes far beyond pastas and pizzas. As a matter of fact, based on the region, people may find lamb, risotto or flatbread instead. However, it does not matter where the family style Italian cuisine the greater Seattle area is copied from, it will always have simple ingredients such as garlic, tomatoes and dark leafy greens. This makes it one of the healthiest cuisines that are available nowadays There are a lot of experts who agree that following the Mediterranean diet, which includes Italian cuisine, will promote good health. Other benefits that can be obtained here will include having better blood sugar and weight loss even for the Italian chicken dishes Seattle. The following ingredients are some of the healthiest which can be found in Italian cuisine nowadays.

What Makes a Great Italian Dish Superb

Whether these are sliced fresh, made into sauce or sun-dried, tomatoes are a common ingredient in any Italian dish. Tomatoes are rich in the heart-protective lycopene which is an antioxidant known to fight cancer. Lycopene is able to protect the cells in the body from various health problems. Besides that, it is true that almost every family style Italian cuisine in Seattle, and across America, for that matter,  has garlic. This disease-fighting ingredient is included in soups, sauces, breads and pizzas. It is even possible to find the entire clove roasted and served by itself to customers. There are numerous studies which show that garlic helps fight stomach aches and cramps.

It Is All About the Herbs in the Sauce

Garlic, pesto, mint and basin, these are all important herbs in any Italian cuisine nowadays which adds flavor and is also a key ingredient  in pesto which is an Italian sauce. Pesto is often served alongside pasta and they may even be found in pizzas and Italian chicken dishes Seattle as well. Basil itself is a good source of calcium, iron. There are many Italian restaurants today which will make it hard to choose which one is the most ideal of them all. But with restaurants such as GG’s of New York, people will not have to look elsewhere. This establishment offers the best family style Italian cuisine in Seattle these days.

If you are looking for a great Italian dining experience, and to know more about Seattle Great Italian Food, healthy options, promos and specials, please visit Ciao Amore.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 Awesome Qualities That You Can Expect In a Good Italian Restaurant

There are quite a lot of restaurants that offer great Italian Food in Seattle and it would be a good idea if you try them out if you have the time. For the best dining experience, it is recommended that you seek out the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in the area. How do you do this? The following qualities might help you.

Food Quantity

The first rule in Italian Cuisine is that you never go small when eating. In fact, there might be something wrong in an Italian Restaurant if you leave it still hungry. Thus, a good Italian Restaurant is known for its ability to feed its guest considerably with a wide variety of dishes to choose from and portion sizes that are generous at best. This way, every customer leaves the place with a full stomach and a generally happy mood.


Italian cuisine is also known for letting you relax as you dine. As such, the mark of a good Italian restaurant lies in its pleasing atmosphere. As soon as you step inside, the place should have an inviting atmosphere that will remind you of familiar comforts. If you do not feel such when dining in the restaurant, it is best to pick another place.


Apart from stuffing you with generous amounts of food, Italian Cuisine is also about service. One key character in Italian Restaurants is their ability to make you feel like family whenever you step through their doors. In fact, the core model of Italian Restaurants is to always make you feel like you’re at home. From well-mannered attendants to an owner who will call you by your first name, service is one the biggest highlights in Italian cuisine.


Finally, it is important to remember that no Italian Restaurant can ever hope to succeed if they don’t get their food right. In Italian Cuisine, there is a strong focus on food quality in the sense that every ingredient should be bought fresh and served fresh. As such, no Italian restaurant would serve any dish with an ingredient that has been sitting in the freezer for quite a while. Also, every great Italian Food in Seattle is designed in such a way that every ingredient has something to add to the overall flavor. If prepared properly, the dish will result in a feast of flavors in your mouth.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Experiencing the Best in Authentic Italian Cuisine

Whenever you are looking for a nice change of pace from the usual stuff that you eat, it is recommended that you try out anything from the Italian Cuisine Style. Hailing all the away from the Mediterranean, this quaint cuisine style offers quite a lot from the usual pasta and pizza that you have been used to eating. Despite the variety of flavors offered, Seattle great Italian Food is known for several key characteristics.


If Italian Cuisine is known for one thing, it would be its simple concept for every dish. In this style, a minimalist mentality is enforced in this style of cuisine as it believes that keeping your ingredients down to a handful will make up for a more comprehensive flavor as opposed to a mish-mash of various tastes and textures. 

For instance, a mixture of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil slapped on to a piece of bread is quite popular in the cuisine as a dish named Bruschetta. Pasta, a long-time staple in the cuisine, is made up of only a handful of ingredients namely eggs, flour and water.


Being simplistic, however, is just the tip of the iceberg in Authentic Italian Cuisine. Another thing that Italian dishes are known for is that they have been made the same way for almost half a millennium. For instance, cheese and pasta is still being produced the same way it was hundreds of years ago: handmade.

Also, every ingredient is either brought fresh from the market or just picked from the fields a few hours ago. As such, Italian chefs consider the act of using old ingredients as a sign of disrespect to the customers. If you taste something stale or old in your plate, chances are that it was not made according the Traditional Italian standards.


Despite the hard-pressed emphasis on sticking to the standards, Italian Cuisine is known for adapting quickly to whatever environment it happens to be introduced on. For instance, various pastas have interchangeable ingredients to accommodate what is most available in an area Also, Italian dishes are quick to adapt to the “veggie” and “fat-free” diets of a lot of individuals today.

Despite these, modern Seattle great Italian food sticks to its time-tested attributes of flavor, simplicity and healthiness. As such, you can be sure of a great dining experience no matter how the cuisine adapts to local flavors and preferences.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

5 Qualities of a Good Seattle Italian Restaurant to Look For

It is no secret that Italian cuisine is one of the more exciting cuisine styles out there. Cooking plays a huge part in Italian culture and it shows greatly in their passion for it. If you desire to taste the best of this cuisine, it is best that you look for a good Seattle Italian Restaurant. Before you do, however, you need to know what makes an Italian restaurant authentic and outstanding. Here are some of them.

The first mark of Italian cooking is the quantity of the dishes being served. In fact, if you still find yourself hungry after eating in an Italian restaurant, then there is something wrong with that place. One thing to remember about Italian-borne individuals is their willingness to feed their guests considerably and this shows in the best Italian restaurants. Thus, a good restaurant should leave your stomach full and your mood happy.


Another defining mark of Italian cuisine is its warm service. A good restaurant does not need to make friends with every diner that steps through their doors; they only need to make sure that they are properly cared for while eating at the place. Italian restaurants make this happen by approaching their guests in a friendly manner and help them make the best dining decision. If you happen to become a regular patron to the restaurant, you can expect that the waiters, and even the owner, to call you by name. The mark of a great Seattle Italian restaurant is its ability to make every diner feel like they are eating at home.


The best Italian restaurant is able to give you an atmosphere that allows you to take time and enjoy your food. The mark of a good Italian Restaurant is its cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home. If you do not get this feeling when dining at a bar, then it might not be an authentic Italian restaurant at best.


Any Italian restaurant will not succeed well if they cannot get their food right. One important factor in Italian cuisine is freshness. Italians are known for their intense dedication to quality and this shows in how they prepare their food. Every ingredient has to be procured from the market early in the morning and then prepared for lunch and dinner. Any dish that was not sold during the evening will be thrown out instead of being reheated in the next day to be served.

Also, the mark of quality Italian food is its ability to compliment every flavor that the ingredients bring. If properly prepared, Italian food will result in an explosion of flavors in your mouth as opposed to leaving you confused as to what you were eating.


An authentic Seattle Italian restaurant is not content on only offering popular staples like pasta and pizza. As a matter of fact, the best Italian restaurants offer dishes Italy has to offer and using only the best ingredients local to the country. The Italian Cuisine actually offers a wide range of flavors coming from meat, herbs, seafood and everything in between. If served right, these dishes will allow you to experience authentic Italian dining without even leaving the country.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Unique Features of Authentic Italian Food

Whenever you want to taste something unique and credible for a change, there is no doubt that you can have these met with a dish from Italian Cuisine. There are quite a lot of good Italian restaurants in Seattle that can whet your appetite in just a few dishes. Despite the variety, Seattle great Italian food shares many qualities with each other that make them stand out from the rest.


Italian Food is known for its quality from ingredients, preparation and presentation. Quality-made Italian food is made only from fresh products bought from the market only a few hours ago. Italians generally want their ingredients fresh so that the flavors do not clash with each other as the food is being presented. Whether it is meat, fruit, vegetables and wine, Italian cuisine requires that they are fresh at all times.

Even the preparation of this food is based on the highest standards of quality. Italians take great pride in their food and thus follow the recipes that remain the same for centuries. Parmesan cheese, a staple in Italian Cuisine, has actually been made just the way it was five centuries ago. Even pasta has been handmade just as it was before instant pasta was ever introduced. For Italians, preparing food the traditional way has always been the high mark of quality in any cuisine.


Another mark of Seattle great Italian food is in its simple yet effective use of its ingredients. The Italian cuisine mentality is has always been “less is best”. By combining a few simple ingredients, you can immediately come up with something that is flavorful and delectable. Bruschetta, a classic Italian dish, is only made from bread seasoned with garlic and tomatoes and topped with a healthy sprinkling of olive oil and basil. Italian pasta, in addition, is only made by the right mixture of water, eggs, flour and herbs.


Simplicity alone will not be enough to make Italian cuisine stand out from the rest. The Italian cuisine is known for improvising various in their ingredients in order to make a truly sumptuous dish. Modern Italian cuisine has been known for its adaptability, able to take any form and use native products while still retaining the classic Italian taste. For instance, if one ingredient cannot be grown or quickly procured from the local area, a chef experienced in Italian Cuisine will be able to replace that ingredient with another. 


Apart from satisfying your appetite, Seattle great Italian food is known for giving you various health benefits. This is all thanks to its use of fresh ingredients that can fight off a myriad of health problems. Olive oil, for instance, is a great alternative to cream or butter as it can prevent cardiovascular problems from worsening. Various herbs and spices can also promote good health so as long as they are taken in the right amounts, finally, handmade pasta, dough, sauces and various Italian staples are far healthier than their store-bought counterparts as they are made from fresh ingredients.

Regardless of where you are, eating authentic Italian dishes will remain a good idea. If you plan to have an appetizing and rewarding dining experience, it is best to head to the finest Italian restaurant in your area.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What to Expect in Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle

Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant in Seattle? If not, you should get out of your comfort zone when it comes to food. You will miss a part of your life if you don’t try out some authentic Italian dishes brought to Seattle for the people to taste and enjoy. If you are planning to go out and discover some really great Italian dishes, visit the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle. What should you expect in an Italian restaurant like Ciao Amore?

The restaurant offers mouthwatering food choices. They serve authentic Italian dishes and can even customize one to satisfy the cravings of your palate. If you dine in the place, you can expect the food to be healthy. The Italian cuisine uses mostly tomatoes, olive oil and basil, which are very healthy for everybody. You can expect the food to be really delicious as they are prepared by bona fide Italian Chefs, who are very knowledgeable and skilled in the kitchen.

Thirst Quenching Italian Vinos will never be missing from the restaurant’s menu. You can have an array of choices from the simple beers to the most intricate liquors coming from Italy. The sparkles blend perfectly with the Italian dishes. If you are not yet sure which drink pairs best with the food you order, you can always ask the servers about it.

You will be serenaded by sweet and lovely music through the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant Piano. If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, mother’s day, birthday, or simply dining to propose to your loved one, then you will have your enchanting background music at the restaurant. That truly is a dining experience like no other!

The moment to step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by an incredible Ciao Amore Ambiance. The place is nothing like you commonly see in the US. It gives you an Italian vibe just by being in the restaurant. The place has more than enough tables and seats to accommodate small to large parties. The good thing there is that you can call the restaurant and reserve seats for special occasions.

There will be a lot of fun and good times when you dine at Ciao Amore. You will have an experience that you will never be able to feel in other restaurants. The place can be formal when you need it and it can be casual as well for some special events. It is truly a great place to bring your family and even your friends.

The Ciao Amore will always be a place that you’ll look forward to visiting again. Wait until you get to experience it first hand. The place still has so much to offer you and the rest of the world. The restaurant serves lovely dinner Mondays through Satruday from 5PM until closing and Sundays from 5PM until 8PM. Visit and dine at the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle today! The place is located at the Laurelhurst district in Seattle. You don’t have to worry about parking spaces. The restaurant has made sure they provide enough parking for your vehicles.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eating Italian Food in Seattle the Italian Way

There are numbers of Italian restaurants in the world, especially in the US. Individuals and families in the US go to Italian restaurants and eat just like normal Americans do. Although the place is Italian, they do not require you to follow the Italian dining etiquette strictly. Do you want to know how people in Italy eat? Do you want to eat Italian food in Seattle the Italian way? Here are some of the common practices of Italians when they eat. Check them out below.

Using utensils and coming on time

When dining in, the feast officially starts only when the host has started eating.  On that note, everybody can pick their utensils, usually knives and forks. Italians do not switch their knives and forks from left to right or right to left. The fork is always on the left hand and the knife on the right. When you are invited to eat out or at somebody’s home, guests don’t usually have to worry too much about being late. Most of the dinner hosts are usually still cooking during the agreed time. So, it would be okay for you to be a tad late.

Eating Spaghetti in Italy

Spaghetti are eaten using only fork in Italy. You don’t use a spoon to eat the pasta. You get the fork and spear few strands of the pasta. You can then twist until  you get a good-sized bundle enough so you can place everything in your mouth. It is improper to slurp  a long strand. Make sure that when you twist the pasta, nothing is out of the bundle.

Eating Pizza in Italy

Americans usually do the fold and hold with pizza, but in Italy, they use knives to slice a part of the pizza and pick the slice with a fork. They do that because their pizzas are usually served uncut. You will definitely need a knife to cut the pizza the way you want it. This is however true or required during formal meals or when you are dining out. However, if you are at home, you can be more causal by picking the pizza and take a bite.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is drunk during the mornings only in Italy. Most residents, stand by the counter when they drink their espresso. The  café usually gives a service charge if you take a seat. The fee is often more expensive than the price of the espresso itself. Although caffe latte and latte macchiato both have milk and coffee, there is a big difference between the two. Caffe latte is Coffee stain with a little milk, while latte macchiato is milk stained with a little coffee.

Eating in Public and at Home

It is quite unacceptable if you eat while you are walking in the streets of Italy. Even a simple sandwich, you have to be seated in a dining area or in a restaurant and eat properly. However, eating gelato on the road is accepted.

You are not required to everything when you are eating Italian food in Seattle. However, you travel to Italy and would want to know the culture, the points above will be very helpful.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A List of the Best Italian Food in Seattle that You Should Try

Italian Food In Seatltle

The Italian cuisine is a popular choice for all people around the world. Italian food is one of the best you can ever taste. Any person, who is very adventurous when it comes to food, will truly appreciate the distinct taste of Italian dishes. It is not a surprise why so many people love to eat Italian food. If you are not familiar with Italian dishes yet, here is a list of the best Italian food in Seattle that you should try.

1. Insalata Mista – if you are a fan of vegetable salads, you will surely love this one it is a combination of several greens, carrots, cucumber, cheese and red peppers. The salad is dressed with virgin olive oil and sherry wine vinegar, which makes the dish mouthwateringly delicious.

2. Bruschetta al Pmodoro – this is not your ordinary Bruschetta. It is made up of oven toasted rustic bread with tomatoes on top. The entire antipasto is finished off with some garlic in olive oil and basil.

3. Calamari al Limone – if you love calamari, you will definitely adore this dish. The calamari is perfectly tendered in the right mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and white wine. It is then topped with a dash of garlic and chili flakes to spice it up.

4. Escargot – these are escargot baked with garlic and parsley on top. The secret to making it more savory is the special butter sauce that melts on top while the escargot is baked in the shell. This is perfect with special Italian bread.

5. Pizza – no matter what type of pizza there is, you would never say no to that, right? In an Italian menu, they usually have Margherita, Salsiccia, Capricciosa, Pesto and Pepperoni Pizze. You’ll taste pizza without pineapples this time for Italian dishes. Instead you’ll have more of tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and basil on your pizza.

6. Fettuccine al Pesto – this is pasta fettuccine in garlic, basil parmigiano and cream pesto. You won’t eat the traditional red sauce spaghetti this time. 

7. Lasagna del Giorno – this is one of the most delicious pastas you’ll ever taste. It is made with pasta from fresh eggs, savored with Bolognese and béchamel sauces. The fresh basil and the oozing mozzarella add more flavor to the already delicious taste.

8. Pollo ala Valtellina – if you love chicken meat, this dish with boneless chicken breast will surely be a pleasure to your taste buds. It is sautéed with mushrooms, procuitto and garnished with provolone cheese and toasted almonds on top.

9. Italian Vino – you will also be able to find authentic Italian wines on the menu. All of the wines on the list are perfect to pair with the dishes already mentioned above. You may choose other types of beverages as well, aside from the traditional red or white wines.

If you have not tried any Italian dishes in your area, you better go out now and try some. Look for the best Italian restaurants and order the best Italian food in Seattle. Once you’ve tasted the goodness of Italian dishes, you surely ask for more.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eating Seattle Great Italian Food for Special Occasions

There are many reasons why you should celebrate and eat out. You can celebrate with your family, friends or just alone with your partner. One of the best places to go to when you eat out on special occasions is an Italian restaurant. The Seattle great Italian food can give you so much to enjoy, which will add more value to your celebration. What types of occasions could you possibly celebrate with Italian food in Seattle?

Birthdays are always fun to celebrate with family at home. However, if you want to do it in a new place or you may want to celebrate a birthday with a few friends or just your spouse, going to an Italian restaurant is actually great. You can share your memories with them over the best Italian food offered in Seattle. You can also share a bottle of wine or cocktails and have a toast for your birthday. You’ll see that your birthday celebration is nothing like you have ever been to. 

Celebrating somebody’s college graduation party can be simple or glamorous as you want. If you choose to celebrate intimately with your family or a few friends, you can dine along with them in a place that serves Italian food in Seattle. Everybody can enjoy eating pasta, Italian seafood dishes, salads and even the Italian pizza. You can then finish off with wine after the great food or beer after pizza.

Wedding proposals could range from the simplest and most intimate to the biggest and most festive of all. Do you plan to propose to your significant other soon? Why not bring her to the best Italian restaurant in Seattle and ask her hand for marriage? Isn’t that amazing? Your woman would truly love that romantic setting with great food and wine, plus the engagement ring. What are you waiting for? Pop the question at the best Italian restaurant in Seattle!

If you can’t propose to the love of your life because you are already married to her, why not do it again? Or, you can celebrate your years of love together. Every woman would be swept off her feet when her hubby brings her to a romantic dinner. Many women would choose to have an intimate date with you than be offered with a grandiose party that would sometimes be too loud. 

You can also celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in an Italian restaurant. You can show your love to your parents by bringing them to the best place to eat. You can choose an Italian restaurant. The Italian food is perfect for them because it is mostly healthy dishes being served. The Italian food is said to be great for the heart. It is rich in antioxidant and high in fiber content. The next time you want to go healthy on the food you eat, you try eating out in a place that serves Italian dishes.

Those were just a few occasions that you can share a Seattle great Italian food with your loved ones. The next time you want to eat out with them find the best Italian restaurant in Seattle and enjoy the great and healthy food with your significant others in life.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why You Should Take Your Date to a Seattle Italian Restaurant

Dates with your special someone are probably one of the most important event in a couple’s relationship. It doesn’t only happen during annual special occasions, but it could happen as often as the couples like. They could go to the theaters or dine out in a Seattle Italian restaurant. Out of the many types of restaurant available in Seattle, why should they choose to be in an Italian restaurant? Below are some of the best reasons why you should bring your loved one to an Italian restaurant in Seattle.

There is always that feeling of being so special to somebody when they bring you to an Italian restaurant. If you want a formal diner with your date and be in some place that is romantic, you are bringing her to the right place. The both of you can enjoy your dinner with a lovely music in the background.

If you want to be adventurous on your food and taste something that is not from a fast food chain, then an Italian restaurant in Seattle is the best place to go to. You can choose a variety of dishes from pasta, seafood, breads, pizza, and a lot more. Spare yourself from eating too much fast food. You can have them on regular days, but when you are on a date, at least make an effort to make your date more special.

If your date is a health buff and would choose a healthier dish, then you can get great points if you bring her to an Italian restaurant in Seattle. Most Italian meals contain healthier ingredients. The common things that you can see and taste in Italian dishes include olive oil, tomatoes, basil and cheese. Those items have very healthy contents and would make great tasting meals as well.

You can both enjoy tasting different sparkling wines, cocktails and other beverages. Italian restaurants often serve the best tasting beverages in town. If your date is a wine lover or of cocktails, both of you will surely love it being in an Italian restaurant. There are actually restaurants that allow you to taste every wine you want in the house. They  have wine tasting packages that you can avail of. Or, if you want a plain white or red wine, you can enjoy them by the glass or even by the bottle.

Did you know that you can get to know your date more through the food they order? Yes, there are a lot of studies that look into the correlation of a person’s character with the type of food they order in restaurants. It is said that a person who loves cheese, a lot of it, on his or her pizza or pasta is a lover of life. That person usually values life and the people he lives it with. If your date orders a salad and adds special requests like putting the dressing on the side and more elaborate specifications of the order, he or she may be a controlling partner.

Those were only the few reasons why you should bring your date to a Seattle Italian restaurant. You better find out yourself about the other reasons why you should too. Check out some Italian restaurants in Seattle today!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Making the Best Italian Food in Seattle Worthy to The Last Bite

When you are dining at some really good Italian restaurant in Seattle, the experience should be really something special. Italian restaurants serve undeniably excellent dishes that have amazed many populations around the world, including a big part of the US. There are traits that set the Italian cuisine apart from all other types of food worldwide. Every dish always has something new to offer. However, how do you make every bite of the best italian food in Seattle worth it? Here’s how you’ll enjoy the dishes to bits.

Italian food is not praised around the globe for nothing. The Italian cuisine is made up of elaborate tastes that lets you drool over every dish. Italians love to eat, but they don’t usually get fat. This is one of the many reasons why people are interested with the Italian dishes. This is one valuable trait that Italian foods have an edge over other cuisines. Technically, the food being prepared the Italian way is considered healthy because of the ingredients used and the process of preparation as well. This actually brings any individual the opportunity to eat healthy with Italian dishes.

Italian food is often made with the freshest and most organic ingredients. The fact that the ingredients are mostly made of fruits, vegetables and other items that contain nutritious vitamins and minerals. When you eat Italian food, you are giving yourself the privilege to consume the right kinds of food. By right kind of food would mean that it gives nutrients and helps you stay healthy. This actually makes the Italian food, excellent to eat.

Most regular types of food that fall under the “healthy option” category are often branded as not as tasty as other types of food. This is actually what sets Italian food apart from other dishes. Every kind of Italian dish is made incredibly tasty. Aside from the health benefits that you can actually get from the food, you can also take pleasure in savoring the delicious taste, with Italian tang.

There is nowhere else, you can find the best Italian dishes in the American lands, than in the excellent Italian restaurants in the place. One of the perks of eating Italian food in Seattle and the rest of the US is that you get to experience it in an Italian ambiance. It would be like you are actually eating in Italy. The experience enables you to see and feel the Italian services right in the middle of your own land. Plus, you are being served by Italian staff.

The best thing that you can get in eating Italian food, is that you can actually choose to personalize the taste of your dish. If you want a healthier dish, you can choose to get larger portions of fruits and vegetables and less on the fatty ingredients. What makes the best Italian food in Seattle worth your money and time is the incomparable experience. Italians do not only eat their food, but they actually savor every bite. This is their secret in keeping a great shape no matter how much food they eat. The best part right there is that Italian food is paired with the tastiest Italian wines as well.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Health Benefits of Eating Italian Food in Seattle

Many people are adventurous with their food intake. These individuals would want to taste different kinds of food. One of the world cuisines that are never missed is the Italian food. Don’t you know that there are good things you can get just by eating Italian Food in Seattle? The dishes in an Italian cuisine are not only delicious. They actually contain health benefits that you can’t find in other dishes. Do you want to know what makes it a healthy choice of dish? The article will tell you everything about the health benefits of Italian food.

Increased Fiber Intake

If you take in Italian food, you are assured that you take healthy food that is filled with fiber. The traditional Italian dishes are made with increased dietary fiber. A lot of Italian food contains fruits, vegetable, and legumes. Italians are also fond of using or adding grains and nuts in their dishes. These ingredients are filled with fiber that helps in better digestion.

Excellent Source of Antioxidant

The tomatoes that are primary ingredients in an Italian dish are rich in lycopene and beta carotene. These are considered as your body’s sweeper of free radicals, which often cause damages to the body. Italian dishes are also filled with vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins and minerals are excellent antioxidants that help prevent cancer and other diseases.

Good for the Heart

Italians love to toss their salads in olive oil. As it is known worldwide, olive oil is a healthy option to use than all other types of oils. Also, the Italian cuisine is nothing without the fresh fish and other types of sea foods. Olive oils, fish and sea foods contain excellent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. The healthy fatty acids also come with unsaturated fats that help prevent the occurrence of heart problems. Italian dishes are perfectly paired with sparkling Italian wine. A healthy amount of red wine also is good for the heart. This is actually a fact that is supported by medical doctors around the world.

Helps you manage your weight

Because most ingredients that are used in Italian dishes are mostly fruits and vegetables, it actually aids you to manage your weight properly. One of the signature ingredients that is known to the Italian cuisine are the tomatoes. Other add-ons that are commonly found in Italian food are spinach, onions, garlic and some green leafy vegetables. These ingredients contain low levels of fat and calories. This helps you control your weight

Those were only the health benefits that you get from eating Italian food in Seattle. You still have to experience the excellent taste and fun while dining in an Italian restaurant. You should go to one of Seattle’s best Italian restaurants today. You can eat, have fun and improve your healthy while enjoying your food. The next time you want to eat out, consider your health improvement and dine in a Seattle restaurant that serves the best Italian food in the area. Taste some Italian good food, which is not only delicious, but healthy as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Things to Do in a Seattle Italian Restaurant

Among the many types of restaurants in the area, you may want to take pleasure in some Seattle Italian Restaurant. Like many other restaurants in the region, you will never go out hungry. But, what could be the perks of dining in an Italian restaurant? Here are some good things you can do when you try out restaurants in Seattle that offer Italian Cuisine.

Eat Italian Food– Of course the place would be able to serve you with the best kinds of Italian food. These kinds of food are not normally prepared in the US. You can take some time off eating regular American dishes. Let your palate taste something new and you might just get awed by how great the Italian cuisine could be. 

Also, this allows you to taste different cuisine coming from a distant place. Pizza is originally Italian, but it is prepared and sold in many countries in the world. The taste would vary from place to place, that is why you should taste the difference of an Italian creation.

Drink Italian Beverages – beverages and liquors in the US come in varied tastes. These are all coming from different parts of the world. However, if you want to taste wine with an Italian touch, dining in an Italian restaurant in Seattle will allow you to do it. If you are a drinking enthusiast, it would be a great way for you to taste something Italian.

Learn Italian Words – this is one thing you can actually do when you dine in an Italian restaurant. You will be able to learn that Pizza is spelled Pizze in Italian. If the staff would answer you and say “Si”, that means “yes”. You can learn these and many more words if you eat in an Italian restaurant. Their menu alone will be able to teach you a lot.  

Feel the Italian Atmosphere – food and beverages are not the only things that are Italian in the place. An Italian ambiance is also brought into the American land. You will be able to see the similarities and differences on how the place is set up. Even the smallest details like the paintings or pictures being hung on the wall, it would be easy to tell that it is Italian.

Meet Few Good Italian People – and of course, an Italian restaurant surely is manned by Italian people. Straight from the kitchen, you can see that the people preparing your food are Italian chefs. They prepare your meals by heart that is why you can taste an Italian tinge on your food.

There are many Seattle Italian restaurants you can dine in. from these places, you will be able to do a lot more things than the ones that are already mentioned above. What you have to do now is to experience the fun yourself. You better know firsthand how it is like eating Italian food and tasting Italian drinks in an Italian place, served by Italian staff. Find some great Italian restaurants in Seattle now and enjoy your experience. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Perks of Dining in Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle

If you want to eat some really great dishes, there are many great places you can go to. One of them is the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle. If you are a fan of the authentic Italian cuisine, then you sure will enjoy the experience in the place. But, what makes the place different from any other restaurants in the city? Here is a list of the perks you will get when you dine at Seattle’s Ciao Amore Italian restaurant. 

1. Be offered with a full list of authentic Italian dishes on the menu. The restaurant offers varied dishes under Antipasti, Zuppe e Insalate, Pizze, Pasta, and Carne e Pesce. Special entrees are also served with your choice of soup or salad and the special house bread. The dinner menu offers you special starters to special entrees, which you will surely love. 

2. Customize your meals just the way you like it. The restaurant actually allows you to personalize your meals. You can request for a vegetarian dish, which is actually not available in most restaurants in the region. The restaurant also allows you to request for a gluten free dish, especially for your pasta. You only have to wait for around 20 minutes for your gluten free meals to be prepared. 

3. Taste authentic Italian Vino like you are actually in Italy. The extensive wine list of the restaurant allows you to taste your favorite drinks and liquors by the glass or by the bottle. White wine, red wine, and bubbles are served by the glass. You can also get both red and white wines by the bottle. The list of the After Dinner sparkles includes Ports, Sherries, Grappa, Liquer and Brandy. You can also experience wine tasting at Ciao Amore. You can get 5 different wines at 1 ounce each for a personal wine tasting straight at your table.

4. Reserve tables for your special occasions. If you are going to Ciao Amore with a huge party, you can request for table reservations. If you visit the place with at least six of your friends or family members, you will get and added 18% gratuity.

5. Order meals to go for very important events. The restaurant allows you to enjoy their meals and wines at the comfort of your own home. You can actually order Ciao Amore dishes over the phone and pick it up in around 20 minutes. You can literally bring your Italian meals and enjoy them at home.

6. Pay your bills using your credit card. If you are the type that goes around places without bringing some good cash, you can still enjoy your Ciao Amore meals and pay by credit card. The restaurant accepts payments made with most major credit cards.

The Ciao Amore Italian restaurant in Seattle is located in 3626 NE 45th Seattle, WA 98105. Experience the perks today with your friends and families and enjoy your meals and wines the authentic Italian way. You can call the restaurant (206) 524-6989 or visit their website today for more information.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Visit Us For A Romantic Valentines Day

What Makes an Excellent Italian Restaurant in Seattle

If you have been settling for instant meal almost every day, wouldn’t you like it to taste some of the best food Seattle offers? You might want to taste some Seattle good Italian food during the payday. Relax your system, eat and enjoy some really great food in one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. But how do you consider one as a fine place to dine? What actually makes an excellent Italian restaurant in Seattle?

A great restaurant will of course offer Exceptional Italian Cuisine. The menu has to be authentically Italian, from the bread to the pasta. And, what is an Italian cuisine without any pizza? There has to be pizza, of course! A great Italian restaurant should be able to provide you with matching Italian wine and cocktails. Pick a restaurant where you can also have some beer that could go well with the excellent food they serve at the tables.

Outstanding Chefs should manage the Italian dishes served by the restaurant. It is good to have a chef who knows how to cook Italian food, but it would be best if he kitchen is manned by authentic Italian chefs. They would know best how Italian cuisine tastes and be presented. You would almost feel like you are dining in Italia, that way.

Restaurants that accept table reservations are just awesome. Most restaurants really get packed, especially during important occasions. If you are able to get reservations, it would be great for you. You would not need to hop from one restaurant to another just to find good seats in an Italian place. Reservations are great, particularly when you are dining out with a group.

It would also be great if a certain restaurant offers gift certificates. You can give these certificates to your friends or family if you want them to experience an exceptional Italian dinner. These gift certificates can be great as presents for company employees as well.

If you are looking for a Seattle great Italian food, be sure that it is located in a place that is accessible to you. You don’t want to drive home too far at night, especially when you have been drinking beer or wine. When you are in the place, you would want to enjoy the whole time you are there. Savor the food and the beverages. Try to forget a bit of your worries by the time. You will definitely have a great time this way.