Monday, March 3, 2014

Perks of Dining in Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle

If you want to eat some really great dishes, there are many great places you can go to. One of them is the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle. If you are a fan of the authentic Italian cuisine, then you sure will enjoy the experience in the place. But, what makes the place different from any other restaurants in the city? Here is a list of the perks you will get when you dine at Seattle’s Ciao Amore Italian restaurant. 

1. Be offered with a full list of authentic Italian dishes on the menu. The restaurant offers varied dishes under Antipasti, Zuppe e Insalate, Pizze, Pasta, and Carne e Pesce. Special entrees are also served with your choice of soup or salad and the special house bread. The dinner menu offers you special starters to special entrees, which you will surely love. 

2. Customize your meals just the way you like it. The restaurant actually allows you to personalize your meals. You can request for a vegetarian dish, which is actually not available in most restaurants in the region. The restaurant also allows you to request for a gluten free dish, especially for your pasta. You only have to wait for around 20 minutes for your gluten free meals to be prepared. 

3. Taste authentic Italian Vino like you are actually in Italy. The extensive wine list of the restaurant allows you to taste your favorite drinks and liquors by the glass or by the bottle. White wine, red wine, and bubbles are served by the glass. You can also get both red and white wines by the bottle. The list of the After Dinner sparkles includes Ports, Sherries, Grappa, Liquer and Brandy. You can also experience wine tasting at Ciao Amore. You can get 5 different wines at 1 ounce each for a personal wine tasting straight at your table.

4. Reserve tables for your special occasions. If you are going to Ciao Amore with a huge party, you can request for table reservations. If you visit the place with at least six of your friends or family members, you will get and added 18% gratuity.

5. Order meals to go for very important events. The restaurant allows you to enjoy their meals and wines at the comfort of your own home. You can actually order Ciao Amore dishes over the phone and pick it up in around 20 minutes. You can literally bring your Italian meals and enjoy them at home.

6. Pay your bills using your credit card. If you are the type that goes around places without bringing some good cash, you can still enjoy your Ciao Amore meals and pay by credit card. The restaurant accepts payments made with most major credit cards.

The Ciao Amore Italian restaurant in Seattle is located in 3626 NE 45th Seattle, WA 98105. Experience the perks today with your friends and families and enjoy your meals and wines the authentic Italian way. You can call the restaurant (206) 524-6989 or visit their website today for more information.

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