Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Makes Italian Food Great

Italian cuisine now, is a popular food it is now consumed by different people, different countries of different culture for a person who is into food adventuring. Italian food is a must try, for Italian food is delicious and unique. Eating Italian food can be easy now for many people know how to cook italian food but experiencing original Italian food and experiencing original Italian food can cost you a trip to Italy. you do not need to go to Italy to experience amazing Italian food, there are a few of restaurants that serves the best of Italian cuisine such as seattle great italian food. Italian food has the unique distinctive way of serving their food because their food is Simple yet elegant, Delicious yet nutritious that is the signature of an Italian food

Italian food is healthy because their foods are usually fat free and their foods are vegies which is healthy for the human body. Italian food is known for its qualities; the foods presentation, preparation and ingredients is unique and distinct you can easily identify an Italian food from a non-Italian food from their meat foods up to their pastas and veggies, Italian food can be easily identified. Italians serve their food in a very creative way, like their famous artworks; paintings, architecture, and sculptures. they also serve their food with a sense of Italian art, Italian food is served with creativity. The Italian food’s sense of Minimalist is also one of the trade marks of a Italian food their foods are usually served in the minimum way like the Italian pasta which is made from the right combinations of pasta, egg, water, eggs, herbs and spices.

So, what does Italian food can offer? you can try their calamari al limone the calamari is perfectly tendered with the right mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and white wine then topped with a special ingredient and chilli flakes to spice up the food, so if your favorite food is calamari, the calamari al limone is best for you. who doesn't love pizza?  Enjoy their authentic Italian pizza like Pizza Margherita which is half cup of tomato sauce spread on the dough sprinkled with the shredded mozzarella and drizzled with a few of olive oil. These are only one of the Italian foods served on seattle great italian food.  You better go out now and eat Italian dishes at their very best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dining Italian Food in Seattle the Right Italian Way

Italian foods is one of the most favored foods all over the world their food is unique and delicious and truly you will love them. Italian food in seattle is the best. why? because they cook Italian food very well and serve it in Italian way, they know what is Italian food and they can give you the best of Italian foods. Experiencing Italian food is a great experience but can you eat Italian food in an Italian way? so, if you are curious on how to eat Italian food the Italian way. then continue reading this article. When dining in a feast it can only start when the host also starts eating, usually the common utensils used by Italians are knives and forks. When eating the Italian’s do not switch the forks or knives from hand to hand or swap it they usually eat with the fork on the left and with the knife on the right. You need not to worry about being late because because mostly of the dinner hosts are still cooking the food in the agreed time of the feast. 

When Italian’s eat spaghetti they use forks they do not use knifes nor spoon they only use forks you can twist the spaghetti until you just have the right amount of food in your fork then and only you may put it in the mouth. Italians do not slurp the long strand of spaghetti food in twisting the spaghetti the Italians make sure that there is no loose strands in the spaghetti. When Eating pizza Italians use their traditional way of forks and knives the Italians do this because usually their pizzas are uncut they can cut the pizza any way they like. That is why you will definitely need a knife on eating the Pizza. When drinking coffee the Italians usually drinks at morning, and they drink their Italian espresso. But in Italy, coffee is not only drunk at the morning, they can also be drunk throughout the whole day, Coffee is one of the best beverages that Italians love.

Eating Italian food in the road or the streets is a no-no for the Italians all of their foods are eaten on the dining table and consumed properly, it is a absolute advantage to know their culture on eating their foods and their history also. So, dine in your italian food in seattle.