Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eating Italian Food in Seattle the Italian Way

There are numbers of Italian restaurants in the world, especially in the US. Individuals and families in the US go to Italian restaurants and eat just like normal Americans do. Although the place is Italian, they do not require you to follow the Italian dining etiquette strictly. Do you want to know how people in Italy eat? Do you want to eat Italian food in Seattle the Italian way? Here are some of the common practices of Italians when they eat. Check them out below.

Using utensils and coming on time

When dining in, the feast officially starts only when the host has started eating.  On that note, everybody can pick their utensils, usually knives and forks. Italians do not switch their knives and forks from left to right or right to left. The fork is always on the left hand and the knife on the right. When you are invited to eat out or at somebody’s home, guests don’t usually have to worry too much about being late. Most of the dinner hosts are usually still cooking during the agreed time. So, it would be okay for you to be a tad late.

Eating Spaghetti in Italy

Spaghetti are eaten using only fork in Italy. You don’t use a spoon to eat the pasta. You get the fork and spear few strands of the pasta. You can then twist until  you get a good-sized bundle enough so you can place everything in your mouth. It is improper to slurp  a long strand. Make sure that when you twist the pasta, nothing is out of the bundle.

Eating Pizza in Italy

Americans usually do the fold and hold with pizza, but in Italy, they use knives to slice a part of the pizza and pick the slice with a fork. They do that because their pizzas are usually served uncut. You will definitely need a knife to cut the pizza the way you want it. This is however true or required during formal meals or when you are dining out. However, if you are at home, you can be more causal by picking the pizza and take a bite.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is drunk during the mornings only in Italy. Most residents, stand by the counter when they drink their espresso. The  café usually gives a service charge if you take a seat. The fee is often more expensive than the price of the espresso itself. Although caffe latte and latte macchiato both have milk and coffee, there is a big difference between the two. Caffe latte is Coffee stain with a little milk, while latte macchiato is milk stained with a little coffee.

Eating in Public and at Home

It is quite unacceptable if you eat while you are walking in the streets of Italy. Even a simple sandwich, you have to be seated in a dining area or in a restaurant and eat properly. However, eating gelato on the road is accepted.

You are not required to everything when you are eating Italian food in Seattle. However, you travel to Italy and would want to know the culture, the points above will be very helpful.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A List of the Best Italian Food in Seattle that You Should Try

Italian Food In Seatltle

The Italian cuisine is a popular choice for all people around the world. Italian food is one of the best you can ever taste. Any person, who is very adventurous when it comes to food, will truly appreciate the distinct taste of Italian dishes. It is not a surprise why so many people love to eat Italian food. If you are not familiar with Italian dishes yet, here is a list of the best Italian food in Seattle that you should try.

1. Insalata Mista – if you are a fan of vegetable salads, you will surely love this one it is a combination of several greens, carrots, cucumber, cheese and red peppers. The salad is dressed with virgin olive oil and sherry wine vinegar, which makes the dish mouthwateringly delicious.

2. Bruschetta al Pmodoro – this is not your ordinary Bruschetta. It is made up of oven toasted rustic bread with tomatoes on top. The entire antipasto is finished off with some garlic in olive oil and basil.

3. Calamari al Limone – if you love calamari, you will definitely adore this dish. The calamari is perfectly tendered in the right mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and white wine. It is then topped with a dash of garlic and chili flakes to spice it up.

4. Escargot – these are escargot baked with garlic and parsley on top. The secret to making it more savory is the special butter sauce that melts on top while the escargot is baked in the shell. This is perfect with special Italian bread.

5. Pizza – no matter what type of pizza there is, you would never say no to that, right? In an Italian menu, they usually have Margherita, Salsiccia, Capricciosa, Pesto and Pepperoni Pizze. You’ll taste pizza without pineapples this time for Italian dishes. Instead you’ll have more of tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and basil on your pizza.

6. Fettuccine al Pesto – this is pasta fettuccine in garlic, basil parmigiano and cream pesto. You won’t eat the traditional red sauce spaghetti this time. 

7. Lasagna del Giorno – this is one of the most delicious pastas you’ll ever taste. It is made with pasta from fresh eggs, savored with Bolognese and béchamel sauces. The fresh basil and the oozing mozzarella add more flavor to the already delicious taste.

8. Pollo ala Valtellina – if you love chicken meat, this dish with boneless chicken breast will surely be a pleasure to your taste buds. It is sautéed with mushrooms, procuitto and garnished with provolone cheese and toasted almonds on top.

9. Italian Vino – you will also be able to find authentic Italian wines on the menu. All of the wines on the list are perfect to pair with the dishes already mentioned above. You may choose other types of beverages as well, aside from the traditional red or white wines.

If you have not tried any Italian dishes in your area, you better go out now and try some. Look for the best Italian restaurants and order the best Italian food in Seattle. Once you’ve tasted the goodness of Italian dishes, you surely ask for more.