Friday, July 18, 2014

The Unique Features of Authentic Italian Food

Whenever you want to taste something unique and credible for a change, there is no doubt that you can have these met with a dish from Italian Cuisine. There are quite a lot of good Italian restaurants in Seattle that can whet your appetite in just a few dishes. Despite the variety, Seattle great Italian food shares many qualities with each other that make them stand out from the rest.


Italian Food is known for its quality from ingredients, preparation and presentation. Quality-made Italian food is made only from fresh products bought from the market only a few hours ago. Italians generally want their ingredients fresh so that the flavors do not clash with each other as the food is being presented. Whether it is meat, fruit, vegetables and wine, Italian cuisine requires that they are fresh at all times.

Even the preparation of this food is based on the highest standards of quality. Italians take great pride in their food and thus follow the recipes that remain the same for centuries. Parmesan cheese, a staple in Italian Cuisine, has actually been made just the way it was five centuries ago. Even pasta has been handmade just as it was before instant pasta was ever introduced. For Italians, preparing food the traditional way has always been the high mark of quality in any cuisine.


Another mark of Seattle great Italian food is in its simple yet effective use of its ingredients. The Italian cuisine mentality is has always been “less is best”. By combining a few simple ingredients, you can immediately come up with something that is flavorful and delectable. Bruschetta, a classic Italian dish, is only made from bread seasoned with garlic and tomatoes and topped with a healthy sprinkling of olive oil and basil. Italian pasta, in addition, is only made by the right mixture of water, eggs, flour and herbs.


Simplicity alone will not be enough to make Italian cuisine stand out from the rest. The Italian cuisine is known for improvising various in their ingredients in order to make a truly sumptuous dish. Modern Italian cuisine has been known for its adaptability, able to take any form and use native products while still retaining the classic Italian taste. For instance, if one ingredient cannot be grown or quickly procured from the local area, a chef experienced in Italian Cuisine will be able to replace that ingredient with another. 


Apart from satisfying your appetite, Seattle great Italian food is known for giving you various health benefits. This is all thanks to its use of fresh ingredients that can fight off a myriad of health problems. Olive oil, for instance, is a great alternative to cream or butter as it can prevent cardiovascular problems from worsening. Various herbs and spices can also promote good health so as long as they are taken in the right amounts, finally, handmade pasta, dough, sauces and various Italian staples are far healthier than their store-bought counterparts as they are made from fresh ingredients.

Regardless of where you are, eating authentic Italian dishes will remain a good idea. If you plan to have an appetizing and rewarding dining experience, it is best to head to the finest Italian restaurant in your area.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What to Expect in Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle

Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant in Seattle? If not, you should get out of your comfort zone when it comes to food. You will miss a part of your life if you don’t try out some authentic Italian dishes brought to Seattle for the people to taste and enjoy. If you are planning to go out and discover some really great Italian dishes, visit the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle. What should you expect in an Italian restaurant like Ciao Amore?

The restaurant offers mouthwatering food choices. They serve authentic Italian dishes and can even customize one to satisfy the cravings of your palate. If you dine in the place, you can expect the food to be healthy. The Italian cuisine uses mostly tomatoes, olive oil and basil, which are very healthy for everybody. You can expect the food to be really delicious as they are prepared by bona fide Italian Chefs, who are very knowledgeable and skilled in the kitchen.

Thirst Quenching Italian Vinos will never be missing from the restaurant’s menu. You can have an array of choices from the simple beers to the most intricate liquors coming from Italy. The sparkles blend perfectly with the Italian dishes. If you are not yet sure which drink pairs best with the food you order, you can always ask the servers about it.

You will be serenaded by sweet and lovely music through the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant Piano. If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, mother’s day, birthday, or simply dining to propose to your loved one, then you will have your enchanting background music at the restaurant. That truly is a dining experience like no other!

The moment to step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by an incredible Ciao Amore Ambiance. The place is nothing like you commonly see in the US. It gives you an Italian vibe just by being in the restaurant. The place has more than enough tables and seats to accommodate small to large parties. The good thing there is that you can call the restaurant and reserve seats for special occasions.

There will be a lot of fun and good times when you dine at Ciao Amore. You will have an experience that you will never be able to feel in other restaurants. The place can be formal when you need it and it can be casual as well for some special events. It is truly a great place to bring your family and even your friends.

The Ciao Amore will always be a place that you’ll look forward to visiting again. Wait until you get to experience it first hand. The place still has so much to offer you and the rest of the world. The restaurant serves lovely dinner Mondays through Satruday from 5PM until closing and Sundays from 5PM until 8PM. Visit and dine at the Ciao Amore Italian Restaurant in Seattle today! The place is located at the Laurelhurst district in Seattle. You don’t have to worry about parking spaces. The restaurant has made sure they provide enough parking for your vehicles.