Friday, July 18, 2014

The Unique Features of Authentic Italian Food

Whenever you want to taste something unique and credible for a change, there is no doubt that you can have these met with a dish from Italian Cuisine. There are quite a lot of good Italian restaurants in Seattle that can whet your appetite in just a few dishes. Despite the variety, Seattle great Italian food shares many qualities with each other that make them stand out from the rest.


Italian Food is known for its quality from ingredients, preparation and presentation. Quality-made Italian food is made only from fresh products bought from the market only a few hours ago. Italians generally want their ingredients fresh so that the flavors do not clash with each other as the food is being presented. Whether it is meat, fruit, vegetables and wine, Italian cuisine requires that they are fresh at all times.

Even the preparation of this food is based on the highest standards of quality. Italians take great pride in their food and thus follow the recipes that remain the same for centuries. Parmesan cheese, a staple in Italian Cuisine, has actually been made just the way it was five centuries ago. Even pasta has been handmade just as it was before instant pasta was ever introduced. For Italians, preparing food the traditional way has always been the high mark of quality in any cuisine.


Another mark of Seattle great Italian food is in its simple yet effective use of its ingredients. The Italian cuisine mentality is has always been “less is best”. By combining a few simple ingredients, you can immediately come up with something that is flavorful and delectable. Bruschetta, a classic Italian dish, is only made from bread seasoned with garlic and tomatoes and topped with a healthy sprinkling of olive oil and basil. Italian pasta, in addition, is only made by the right mixture of water, eggs, flour and herbs.


Simplicity alone will not be enough to make Italian cuisine stand out from the rest. The Italian cuisine is known for improvising various in their ingredients in order to make a truly sumptuous dish. Modern Italian cuisine has been known for its adaptability, able to take any form and use native products while still retaining the classic Italian taste. For instance, if one ingredient cannot be grown or quickly procured from the local area, a chef experienced in Italian Cuisine will be able to replace that ingredient with another. 


Apart from satisfying your appetite, Seattle great Italian food is known for giving you various health benefits. This is all thanks to its use of fresh ingredients that can fight off a myriad of health problems. Olive oil, for instance, is a great alternative to cream or butter as it can prevent cardiovascular problems from worsening. Various herbs and spices can also promote good health so as long as they are taken in the right amounts, finally, handmade pasta, dough, sauces and various Italian staples are far healthier than their store-bought counterparts as they are made from fresh ingredients.

Regardless of where you are, eating authentic Italian dishes will remain a good idea. If you plan to have an appetizing and rewarding dining experience, it is best to head to the finest Italian restaurant in your area.

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